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Now Booking For The 2021 Season


Our Season Is From May 1st to October 1st 2021

Our Fleet

Rules: Reservation Deposit 50% (must be on a valid Credit Card) per rental. Security Deposit 2500.00 (must be on a valid Credit Card) per boat or $900 per other rented equipment. Requirements: Must have a valid driver’s license. 21 and over. No alcohol or drugs  permitted. PFD must be worn at all times. Obey rules of the waterway at all times




Our location? More like your location! We drop all our rentals off at your place, boat ramp or dock! Depending on what you prefer, we cater to you.


Welcome to Wetrentals, your destination for a wet and wild time. Our brand new rental boats are a hit in the Ottawa, Perth to Kingston area. Why? Because we drop our rentals at your door or dock! Book online and have a brand new jetski dropped off at your door or dock.




Looking for cool places to visit around the Ottawa, Perth and Kingston areas? Checkout our Instagram with some of the coolest local secrets!

Rental & Rates



Our rental prices are based off of our demand. You can rent a boat as low as $199 or as high as $349 per day. Use the booking tool above to find out!

How It Works


Step 1

Double check the availability of the product you wish to rent. You can view this under the Rental Schedule page. You can view the products that are available and booked. Should you wish that day you can always place yourself on the waitlist. The waitlist can only be joined if you search using your mobile device.

Step 2

Figure out how long you wish to rent. If you wish to rent for a day you can select the Day Rentals Tab. Here you will see our rentals that you can rent for one day. Please note that a day rental is from 9am - 5pm. We will deliver your equipment by 9am and usually early. All deliveries are contactless. 


If y0u wish to rent for multiple days you must select the Multi-Day Tab. Here you will see our different tiered plans. These are rental "credits" and do not need to be used in sequence. They are valid from June 1st to September 1st. For example if you select our Weekend plan, this will be $480 and will provide you with 2 full days of rentals. These days do not have to be used back to back but can be used at any time. Please note that the rentals are still subject to availability and buying a multi day plan does not guarantee any dates.


Step 3

If you choose a day rental, you will be prompted to select a day, fill out a information form and pay a 50% deposit. Once the 50% deposit is paid you will receive and confirmation email followed by a contract and waiver. Please review the waiver and contract, sign it and submit it back for review. Once submitted our team will review and approve your booking. Once approved your booking is set in stone. Please note that in the contract we ask for a credit card, drivers license and information about yourself. Since all contracts are done remotely, we must verify all your information for security.


If you are doing a multi day rental, you will be able to book immediately without filling out any information. You will receive an email within 6 hours of booking with a contract and a waiver. These need to be filled out for every rental. Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions!

Step 4

On the day of your rental you will be charged $2500 damage deposit per JetSki rented and/or $900 per other rental equipment. This will be fully refunded as long as the equipment comes back in the same condition that it was sent out in. Your remaining balance will also be charged the morning of the rental.


Your rental will be dropped off at your desired location by 9am. Please note that rentals may be dropped off as early at 7am depending on how busy we are. You will not be charged for this. We can arrange a safe drop off spot to remain contactless.

Step 5

Enjoy your rental! You are free to take your rental wherever you like in Ontario! Ensure you are following our terms and conditions and rental agreement. You must always have your license, lifejacket 
(provided) and safety kit (provided). Federal law does not allow you to be under the influence and drive a pleasure craft. Please ensure you abide by these laws or the credit card holder may be fined.


At the end of your rental please ensure you have returned all equipment to the pickup zone by 5pm. A Wet Rentals employee will pick up the craft at 5pm and ensure all contents are there. Any damage or missing contents will be billed to the card holder as per the rental agreement.

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